The apartment building (“Horseshoe”), 1933-1934, architect. Panov A.I., Gromoboya Street, 13. Regional Cultural Heritage Site. The decision was made by Ivanovo oblispolkom №18/27 on 10.11.1976

The original 104-flat building, known as the "horseshoe", for the employees of the United State Political Administration at the SNK of the USSR (OGPU) was built in 1933-1934. It is built in the shape of a semicircle. The unusual shape of the building was designed by the requirement of the customer to make the construction as compact as possible. It is a 6-storey apartment building with a shop on the first floor. The length of the external curvy wall of the building is 186 m, the inner facade is 108.5 m. The width of the end is 10 m. The bow –windows are 3.5 m high and close to the square in the shape. The useful area of ​​the building is 7405 m², residential - 5114. There are 104 flats. The bearing walls are made of sand-lime bricks (partially the windows openings are made of red brick). The strip foundation is made of red brick as well. The beams of the cellars are concrete, between the floors are wooden ones. The rafters are wooden, the roof is iron, gable and flat. In the 1950s seven vertical bow-windows were built. The house was inhabited by OGPU workers and their families. On the ground floor in Soviet times, the shop "Voentorg" was located.