House of Engineering and Technical Workers (DITR), 1929, architect Vesnin V.A., Baturina Street 12/5. New Cultural Heritage Site. In 1939, it was rebuilt in the Palace of Pioneers (architect Panov A.I. and Salapin V.I.)

The building was built as the House of Engineering and Technical Workers (DITR). The author of the project is Vesnin V.A., the customer is Ivtekstil Trust.

The building was reconstructed in 1939. The reconstruction was carried out according to the project of the architects Panova A.I. and Salapina V.I. On principle, the facades of the building and their decoration were significantly changed without changing the layout and cubature. After the reconstruction, the building lost the balcony, the console bay window of the main facade received a balcony on brick rectangular pillars. The building is newly rendered and divided into light rust.

On April 30, 1939 the building began to function as the House of Pioneers and Octobrist. The painting of the walls of the rooms and the foyer was made by Palekh artists.

Nowadays there is the Ivanovo Palace of Children and Youth Creativity.