Factory-kitchen “Narpit №2”, 1933, architect Zhuravlev A.A. In 1952 the facades of the building were changed by Panov A.I.

The beginning of the building of a new factory-kitchen was in September 1930 on the Central Square (now Lenina Square). The building was finished in 1932 and the opening was on  August 8, 1933.

The factory-kitchen was located in the corner of the building. There was a catering college, laboratories, administration and utility room. Daily about 125 thousand lunches were made there. Some of them were sold there in 9 canteens; the others were delivered to the canteens and organizations of the city. In 1930s the factory served more than a half population of the city.

It was an amazing building with stairs which framed the main entrance and accented the glazing of the second floor. In 1952 it was rebuilt by the project of Panov A.I that’s why the interior replanning was done and the facades as well. The facades were enriched with joints, pilasters etc. The area of glazing was reduced.