208-flat building, 1929-1931, the group of architects ASNOVA (Gluschenko G.I., Spassky Y.K., Karra A.Y, Lavrov V.A.) and Ivanovo architect Pankov V.I., Lenina Avenue 102/2. New Cultural Heritage Site.

On the corner of Marxa Street and Lenina Avenue there are two parts of 208-flat building  with different number of floors (4-5). It is one of the largest apartment buildings in the style of constructivism. The first part 108-flat building is located on Oktyabrskaya Street and Pogranichny Lane by Pankov’s project in 1929. The highest part faces Lenina Avenue. The second part was built in 1931. 100-flat building with a simpler decoration is located along Lenina Avenue and Marxa Street. The project was done by the group of the architects from ASNOVA (Gluschenko G.I., Spassky Y.K., Karra A.Y, Lavrov V.A.).