Vlasov Alexander Vasilievich (1900-1962)

soviet architect, designer, honorary member of the USSR (Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic) Academy of Architecture, winner of the Stalin prize (1950), president of the USSR Academy of architecture (1955-1956), winner of the USSR State prize (1967).

Alexander was born in a village Bolshaya Kosha in Tver region. His father was a research forester. His father’s work influenced Alexander so much that he got interested not only in nature but became one of the best in landscape architecture in our country.

In 1918 Alexander finished Moscow school and in 1920 he entered Moscow Polytechnic Institute (architecture department). He was the first man who entered the architecture faculty of MPI as only women had studied there before (Moscow women Polytechnic Institute was reorganized into MPI). Vlasov studied there 8 years. Nobody knows the reason why he was a student so long but it’s known his teacher was Golosov I. who influenced the students so much that his impact is clearly seen in Vlasov’s early projects for example the project of Palace of the Soviets (1932).

In 1928 Alexander graduated from the Institute of Civil Engineers with the diploma of a civil engineer. From 1928 till 1933 Vlasov taught students at his Institute. Later he became one of the founder of VOPRA (Russian Organization of Proletarian Architects). That organization aimed to have an ideological control over architecture including the struggle against antiproletarian organizations.

In 1930s the architect took part in all professional competitions. Leading the brigade of the architects Vlasov completed the projects of Palace of the Soviets which won the first and the fourth awards, created 12 different variants of Comvuza (Communist higher educational institute) in Lenin hills (1930-1935). At the same time Vlasov took part in the competitions of theatre projects in Kharkov, Rostov-na-Donu, Ivanovo-Voznesensk, Moscow.

Alexander had a vocation for city planning, garden and park design. He made a famous Gorky Park, the first suspension bridge -  Crimean bridge in Moscow, Luzhniki Stadium, Botanical Garden. In 1937 on the international exhibition in Paris Alexander won “Grand Prize”.

In spring 1944 Vlasov became the main architect of Kiev and ten years later of Moscow. In 1955 Vlasov became the president of the USSR Academy of architecture, in 1961 the first secretary of the Union of the architects of USSR. Vlasov Alexander is the creator of over 150 projects and buildings in our country.