Razov Dmitry Vasilievich (1884-1952)

Soviet architect

He was born in town Glazov in Vyatsiy region. He graduated from IAH (Emperor Academy of Art) in 1916. After that he organized the artel of artists in Kazan. Later in soviet time he became the secretary of Moscow architecture community and gave lessons at MVTU.

He designed a block of flats for the workers of Gosplan USSR on Spartakovskaya Square in Moscow. Razov did the project of the hotel Tsentralnaya in Ivanovo-Voznesensk (1930 with Popov Y.F.). At first the building was planned to be the hostel of Gorsovet with the canteen on the ground floor. But later the building was turned into a hotel with 239 rooms and the restaurant. Razov participated in famous architectural projects in different cities of our country. For example, together with Popov Y.F. he designed a theatre and a club for the workers of the factory Krasnyi Mayak in Leningrad to make their life better.