Pankov Vasiliy Ivanovich (1881-1950)

Soviet architect

He was born in Yaroslavl region. He finished engineering courses and art school in Moscow. In 1907 he came back to Yaroslavl where he worked as an assistant of the city architect. In 1926 he went to Ivanovo-Voznesensk where he worked as an architect in Ivkoopstroysoyuze. Vasiliy was a member of ASNOVA (association of new architects). By his projects lots of apartment and industrial buildings were built in Ivanovo-Voznesensk: the second house of IVPI professors (with Panov A.I.,1927-1930), 102-flat house of Gorsoveta (1928-1929), block of flats RZHSKT “Progress” (1932), school of 10-years of October Revolution (1927), house of Gubzhilsoyuza (1927-1929)., 187-flat building of Vtorogo Rabochego Poselka (1931). Together with the group of architects of ASNOVA – Gluschenko G.I., Spasskiy Y.K., Karra A.Y., Lavrov V.A., Pankov took part in the building of 208-flat building of Gubzhilsoyuza in Ivanovo (1929-1931). He designed 104-flat “horseshoe house” for the employees of OGPU in 1932-1934. The unusual shape wasn’t the architect’s idea but the client’s demand to make the building more compact. Pankov designed the buildings of “Glavkhlopprom” (1939-1941) and “Glavkhleb” (1948).