Kadnikov Nikolai Iosifovich (1903-1958)

Soviet architect.

He was born on 15 February 1903 in Kineshma. He finished secondary school. After that he entered the civil engineering faculty of Ivanovo-Voznesensk Polytechnic Institute. After the faculty being closed down, he continued to study at Dzerzhinsky Siberian Technological Institute in Tomsk. In 1928 he graduated from the Institute with the diploma of an architect. Having returned to Ivanovo-Voznesensk, Kadnikov began to work on “Ivproekt”. In his early works he preferred doing projects in the style of constructivism as it was fashionable that time. He designed lots of apartment and public buildings in Ivanovo. In 1935-1937 he was the head of Ivanovo department of the Union of the architects of USSR. He died on 1 July 1958.

His projects and buildings in Ivanovo:

  • Seven-year school in Nezhdanovo (Sakharova Street, 46,1930)
  • OGPU (“grey house”) (Lenina Avenue,37, 1930-1932)
  • The main pavilion of agriculture exhibition (drama theatre near the Sokovsky Bridge, Sheremetievsky Avenue, 58, 1955)
  • 104 –flat building of Gorsovet (Gromoboya Street, 15/19, 1929-1931)
  • 100 – flat building “House of professionals” (Kalinina Street, 17, 1932-1934)
  • Apartment building of the factory NIM (Lenina Avenue, 7, 1950)
  • 172-flat building “House of Power Engineers” (Lenina Avenue, 47, 1953)
  • Houses of Oblsovnarkhoza (Kalinina Street, 5-7, 1929-1935)
  • Ivanovo Institute of Medicine (Sheremetievsky Avenue, 48, 1934-1940, 1956)
  • Ivanovo Civil Engineering College (8 March Street, 20, 1930-1931)
  • Cinema “Kinotsentralny”, reconstruction (with Mende N.F., Lenina Avenue, 9/1, 1956)
  • Hostel of Ivanovo Civil Engineering College (8 March Street, 18)
  • Hostel of Ivanovo Textile Institute (Sheremetievsky Avenue, 48, 1933)
  • School of 15-years of VLKSM (№33) (Bagaeva Street, 38/17, 1935)
  • Interior design of Ivanovo drama theatre (Pushkin Square, 2, 1932-1940)