Galperin Vladimir Mikhailovich (1898-1971)

Soviet architect who worked in Leningrad.

Vladimir was born in Sevastopol. In 1925 he graduated from the Institute of Civil Engineers in Leningrad. In 1923 he began to work at the workshop of Nikolsky A.S. In 1933 he became a member of the Union of the architects of USSR. He created more than 150 apartment, public and industrial buildings, won some awards of Soviet Union architecture competitions. He gave classes at the faculty of engineering of Leningrad Institute of Communal Engineering (1927-1936). In 1966 he was the head of the Department of design and architecture of Petrozavodsk State University.

His works

  • The project of Central Telegraph Office in Moscow (1925, with Nikolsky A.S.)
  • 1st mechanical bakery in Leningrad (1925, with Nikolsky A.S.)
  • School on Lesnoy Avenue in Leningrad (1927-1928)
  • “Round baths” in Lesnoe (1927-1930, with Nikolsky A.S. and Demkov N.F.)
  • Ushakov’s baths “Gigant” (1930, with Nikolsky A.S. and Krestin A.V.)
  • House of the Soviets in Ivanovo (1930-1932)
  • House of textile industry (1934-1937, with Bobrov O.V.)
  • House on Kim Avenue, 26 (1937)
  • Central Scientific-Research Institute of the Navy (1952)
  • Press Pavilion in VDNH USSR