Fridman Daniil Fedorovich (1887-1950)

Russian and soviet architect. He was born in Odessa. He finished Odessa Art College (architecture faculty), then entered the faculty of architecture in MUZHVZ (Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture). In 1927 he gave lessons in VHUTEIN and MARHI. In 1928 together with Ladovsky N.A. and other people close to their ideas organized ARU (Union of architects-urbanists). Fridman took part in different competitions of Moscow architecture society and got some awards. In 1923-1930 he designed the industrial communities in Tashkent and Moscow. He was the head of architecture-engineering department of Moscow administration of real estate. In 1941-1945 he was the main architect in Omsk, the member of Committee of technic research of building Commissariat of USSR.

His projects and buildings:

In Moscow:

  • Commercial apartment building on Maly Kazenny Alley, 8 (1912)
  • The project of Moscow people’s bank (with Filkenshtein B.Y., the second award)
  • Block of flats on Leningradskoe Highway 91925-1926)
  • The entrance hall of the Underground station “Dzerzhinskaya”, together with Loveiko I.I. (1935)
  • The electric substation of the Underground on Gertsena Street (1935)
  • The reconstruction of Kotelnicheskaya Embankment (1938-1939)
  • The complex of buildings of USSR Commissariat of Defence industry, together with Voronov A.I., Blyum G., Sigalin G. (1933-1936)
  • The project of development of Moscow South-West district

In other cities:

  • “House of Soyuzpushniny”, Leningrad
  • Hotel “Tsentralnaya”, Novosibirsk
  • “Business House”, Novosibirsk
  • The house of industry and trade, Sverdlovsk
  • Music theatre, Zaporozhye
  • Central Department store, Kiev
  • House “ship”, Ivanovo (1929-1930)