The Community Hall of Textile Workers, 1925, architect Staborovsky A.A. (reconstruction of the bleaching part of the Derbenev factory), Gromoboya Street, 2. (Destroyed after the fire on September 6, 2016)

The issue of perpetuating the memory of Lenin V.I. was brought up by the building of the Community Hall of Lenin in 1924 in Ivanovo-Voznesensk. However, the implementation of the approved project did not begin. A poor construction base and a lack of money prevented the idea from being realized. The building of a cultural and educational center was carried out in a simpler and cheaper way. In just one year, the architect Staborovsky A.A. rebuilt the bleaching building of the Derbenev factory into the Community Hall of Textile Workers.

In 1926-28s the first working theater of provincial Proletcult worked here, the cinema “Velikan” worked as well. In 1928-1932, the opera for workers, drama troupe and opera house began their activity in the building. In 1948, the "Velikan" cinema and the school of projectionists were there. In the 1990s, the nightclub "Taganka" worked in the building.