185-flat building in Vtoroy Rabochiy Poselok, 1930-1931, architect Pankov V.I., Oktyabrskaya Street 3/70, Furmanova 4. New Cultural Heritage Site

Low-storey buildings couldn’t solve the accommodation problem. At the end of 1920s the apartment buildings with many flats were projected. In 1930 Volzhanin A. wrote in the article “Ivanovo 1960” which was published in the magazine “Rabochiy Krai” : “Our purpose is from “threewindow” style of bourgeois Ivanovo, diversity and tastelessness of its stone buildings pass to the style of a big socialistic city”. Some projects weren’t realized. In 1929 the building of multi-storeyed block of flats took place in Vtoroy Rabochiy Poselok. Two buildings on Oktyabrskaya and Furmanova street were designed by Ivanovo architect Pankov V.I. The wing of 208-flat building facing Oktyabrskaya street was built by his project.